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Hausauer explained Keystroke Financial has developed technology that selects the most competitive rate for the consumer’s loan profile from the multiple lenders in the network. If no programs match the criteria, the Web server will offer the nearest alternative.

The Keystroke Web site offers a number of mortgage calculators featured on Microsoft Network Investor Resources.

Keystroke Financial went online last February with a beta test of its Web loan service. “Our site traffic has been growing and I’m optimistic about the medium,” Hausauer said. property conveyancing for our valuable “We’ve been told by Bank Rate Monitor (an Internet mortgage rate search engine) that we are second only to Countrywide in referrals from their site.”

Not all consumers have the desire or the skills to do their own loan application on the Internet. “We have a number of mortgage brokers contacting us about becoming part of service,” Hausauer said. “For an extra $100, consumers can have somebody else do the online work for them.”

The best rates and programs are automatically selected based on the borrower’s loan profile by Keystroke Financial’s Web server. Competitive rates are updated and displayed daily on the web site to allow the borrower to track his or her conventional loan program of choice. The Internet site includes mortgage calculators, title and escrow information, a terms glossary, prepaid charges and closing costs. Automated tours allow the borrower to view the loan application prior to filling one out from the computer.

In what could become a revolutionary model for public housing, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development last week designated 25 communities around the country to become on-site learning centers where residents can learn computer skills and train for high-tech jobs.

In making the announcement at the opening of one such center in Denver, HUD Secretary Henry G. Cisneros said that the so-called “campuses of learners” could become “the new model for public housing: a place where people live temporarily while learning the skills they need to become self-sufficient.



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imagesThe designees include public housing sites in Los Angeles County, San Diego and San Francisco, Calif.; New Haven and Hartford, Conn.; Wilmington, Del.; Chicago and East St. Louis, Ill.; Evansville and South Bend, Ind.; Prince George’s County and Largo, Md.; St. Louis County, Mo.; Omaha, Neb.; Union City, N.J.; Cleveland, Columbus and Cuyahoga, Ohio; Portland, Ore.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Woonsocket, R.I.; East Baton Rouge and Fort Worth, Texas; Seattle, Wash.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Denver, Col.

In the world of high-end real estate, as in gourmet mustard, prestige sells. But the DuPont Registry has taken its slick new magazine of glamour properties, “A Buyers Gallery of Fine Homes,” to the anything but exclusive Internet — and apparently winning over a whole new audience.


Whether the visitors are wistful looky-loos or serious buyers is not readily apparent, but the year-old magazine is attracting an average 11,000 ‘hits’ a day on the World Wide Web site it shares with its sister publication, the DuPont Registry’s “A Buyers Gallery Of Fine Automobiles,” according to editor-in-chief Eric Kennedy.

We were certain that a large and loyal market existed for a magazine showcasing the world’s most prestigious properties, and we have been pleasantly surprised to . Property Conveyanving report. find so many people interested in visiting us on the World Wide Web as well,” Kennedy said of the site

Families living in the pilot projects will receive training in new telecommunications and computer technology, and participate in job training and educational programs.

Replete with text and photos of million-dollar-plus homes (only) supplied for a fee by owners or real estate agents, the $4.95 paper version of the magazine was named one of 1995’s top new consumer magazines by Samir Husni’s “Guide to New Consumer Magazines.”

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In one case,” Husni’s publication wrote when the magazine debuted last August, “readers toying with spending $2.5 million for a manor house outside Chicago get more than a glimpse of the estate; they get a 400-word, 9-photo tour…(for) readers who can’t afford luxury full time, there’s a section featuring rental properties, some quite reasonable.”

With an audience composed mostly of readers with exceptionally high annual incomes and individual net worths in the multi-million dollar range, the magazine now claims a circulation of 100,000 averaging 175 pages per issue.

So many people these days are earning large sums from their employment and their investments that the thought of purchasing a million-dollar-plus home is more enticing than it is intimidating,” said Thomas DuPont, chairman and publisher of the two magazines

When considering an offer, the seller should evaluate these issue and consider when the contingencies expire, and perhaps even what the buyer intends to do with the property after the closing.

Preparing the Offer. Most contracts contain at least one contingency, and often more. Common contingencies include your approval of a professional home inspection report, your obtaining financing, and your attorney’s review and approval of the contract.

Investors are advised that PIR has not inspected the portfolio. Any opinions expressed relating to the assets are based on discussions with Management information released to the market. “We’re no longer the only game in town,” says Votruba. “It’s a natural progression for us. High quality needs to be at the core of everything we do.” There is a big hurdle to be overcome in the new five-year plan that wasn’t around five years ago — a slumping economy.

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Much of the focus of industrial market participants remains on the price and supply of land available for industrial development. Developers and investors are working to secure the next phase of industrial land development – concentrated in the southern, south-western and northern regions of the city. There have been major englobo land sales occurring during the past year and this trend is expected to continue in the short term. “Land prices continue to climb across the south east Queensland region, with the average finished lot price now almost three times the level of only 5 years ago.” Brisbane finished industrial lots under 5,000m².

Both these outcomes are indicative of a market where demand is outweigh ing supply, resulting in less price differentiation between prime and secondary stock. Investment demand is strong across the Brisbane industrial market with prime investment properties attracting yields in the range of 7.0% – 7.75% on an equated yield basis. Properties within a portfolio sale, fund through/delayed settlement or purchased with high land value/development potential have been transacted on passing yields below 7.0%. Due to the strong rental growth and underlying land value growth over the past three years there is significant reversionary potential for many existing assets. This potential upside is dictating that initial yields are often significantly lower than the equated yields as purchasers are pricing-in potential and/or underlying land value in addition to present income.