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The survey also found that the Web continues to be most widely used among higher-income households, and households with advanced-degree educations.


PC-Meter, which collects information for its quarterly surveys through custom software on panel members’ home computers, based its survey results on responses from a representative sample of 9,928 households, some with PCs and some without. Returned surveys are weighted and projected to represent all 98.7 million households in the United States.

Faced with rising home loan origination costs, mortgage lenders are racing to bring more efficiency and productivity to the process through technology in hopes of saving time and money.

This has a direct impact on the liquidity for buildings let on the basis of higher rents, compared to assets let under market value which are more difficult investment propositions. The competition apparent between certain investors, amongst the Germans especially, creates a yield profile which is not always fully tied to the intrinsic quality of sites or the status of the buildings. The Real Estate or Home Valuation, office letting market has remained consistent and active in spite of the fact that the economic situation is not improving.

ALLTEL InterAct offers electronic automation from mortgage origination through secondary marketing. The origination, secondary marketing and risk management systems all operate on one common database. All these factors help us to predict that available space should be absorbed in the future, without creating an oversupply in the market. All the supply coming onto the market will definitely generate a wider choice for occupiers and a more fluid sector.

We are highlighting this as a matter of record only, and have no reason to doubt Management’s capability PRX has been trading at a 2-3% premium to our assessed valuation for some time.

We have revised our distribution forecasts upwards to include the proposed acquisitions Our valuation has increased by 2.0¢ to $0.82, in line with the market at the time of writing.

The Trust’s share in the property was acquired for USD 107.7 million and was sourced and secured The Trust’s share of the property has been independently valued at USD 114.7 million settlement is expected by 29 August 2003.


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During its FY03 results presentation, IOF indicated that it will be expanding its portfolio to include US assets.  Property valuation directs The program is limited to state real estate trade associations.”We see this workshop as a way to improve the distribution of information and news about the Internet, which has become a valuable low-cost communication structure for Realtors and real estate associations,” said Jeans.Microsoft will also teach how to employ its Office 97 product and the use of the Internet Explorer browser.

The portfolio is well leased and has a weighted lease expiry of 7.9 years (9.0 years) based on income (area) conditional placement of $58.0 mill and a rights issue that will raise slightly more than $80.0 mill Centro will apply for 100% of any under subscription. California is expected to exceed the national average – partly reflected in the 75bps market yield differential between California and the balance of the US market The portfolio’s vendor is an opportunist fund that acquires under performing assets and repositions them with capex and leasing.The copyright claim is that the compilation of the home listing data is copyright protected.

In just a few short months, more than one million homes are now posted on the Internet. Experts predict that 90 percent of all homes for sale will be on the Web by next summer, if not sooner.While local Realtor associations have always laid copyright claim on their data and their databases, never have they employed the copyright weapon with such force to insure that no one uses or changes their data without permission. More importantly, they are safeguarding against any third party using the home data to generate income without compensating the associations or MLS’s.During the first quarter of the year take-up rose to 750,000 sq m, practically the same level as during the first and second quarters of last year, when it reached 781,000 sq m and 730,000 sq m respectively. An analysis of take-up by size shows resilient demand during the first six months of 2003 for larger units (5,000+ sq m), 329,000 sq m in 27 transactions representing 43% of total demand. Now more than ever, large companies are aiming to rationalise their space and to minimise the cost of each job post, without leaving the traditional office areas of Paris, La Défense or West.

Every MLS around the country I am running into is claiming that they own the data and are feeling threatened by the move to put their listings on the Web by third parties,” said Terry Pullen, consultant to the Knight Ridder newspaper chain.Caught in the middle are the real estate brokers who are in some cases fighting the move by their own local MLS associations to restrict putting the listings on the WebThey want maximum exposure for their properties, while the local MLS is often into protecting its franchise – their goals are different,” said Pullen.

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Erpenbeck: Like music, in which the musical notes aren’t copyright protected but the music is, an individual home listing may not be protected but the compilation of the entire house data base is, according to MLS attorneys. If the economy starts to recover and the rate of new supply entering the market continues to be regular but moderate, Knight Frank estimates that rents should start to recover from the middle of next year. Although the global economic recovery has been delayed, the big chains in this sector have consolidated their network and are maximising the profitability of their points of sale. The closure of the least profitable stores has continued and demand for new locations is more selective.

This 7,000 sq m complex over 5 floors is nearing completion. Mango, H&M and Marionnaud have all signed to take space at the centre (Knight Frank transactions). Although in general terms, demand remains strong in this sector, rental levels remain largely stable. Prime rental levels stand at around 1,500 €/sq m/pa in the regional shopping centres for reasonably profitable activities such as fashion.

Furthermore, the operators in the retail sector have introduced new smaller format shops (between 100 and 500 sq m), and development projects of more than 1,000 sq m have been largely abandoned. The quick implantation of the most aggressive retailers, combined with a compulsory permit for the creation of new stores of over 300 sq m, has led to a scarcity of retail space.

The vacancy rate has reached 6.1% in Ile-de-France (5.8% at the beginning of this year and 3.1% at the beginning of 2002). In the city centre the availability rate remained very low at around 3.9% (4.6% in QCA and 3.6% outside QCA); in the La Défense area it was 6.8%, in the first Periphery it averaged 9% and in the second Periphery area it was 6.2%.

As an example, the legal firm Freshfields let 15,000 sq m in “Cézanne Saint-Honoré” in the middle of the QCA, owned by SFL and Predica. In terms of take-up segmentation, the Public sector represented 25% of the total take-up, the Insurance sector 20%, the Banking and Finance sector 16% and Industry 14%.the rental performance for new or refurbished buildings located in the business districts was better than for second-hand units, which have decreased slightly with the range in pricing now wider.

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Those firms that offer the most consumer information and content beyond the listings will then win. Property valuation controls At that stage, the turf battles of today will seem like a video game compared to the full-scale free market war that will inevitably unfold. Windermere Real Estate, the largest regional brokerage in Washington State, is being featured by Microsoft Corp. for its use of Microsoft SQL Server in developing Internet and corporate intranet solutions to market residential properties.

Last week at DB Expo, a database trade show, Microsoft highlighted a case study of Windermere’s database application, along with companies in other industries, including Cyberia Cafe, NASDAQ, R.R. Donnelly Financial, Charles Schwab, Wang Laboratories and Software Spectrum.Two years ago at a press conference in Miami Beach at a gathering of the National Association of Realtors, I asked incoming NAR president Robert H. Elrod whether he thought putting home listings up on an online service or the Internet was a likely trend.

At the time, he said he wasn’t sure the public could “handle it (accessing the data)” and that his members enjoy an “element of control” with the current MLS system that Realtors aren’t too eager to give up.His prediction reflected the thinking at the time, but certainly not the direction of where things have headed in the last 24 months.

For real estate, the most profound impact of the information highway is the speed and pace with which the nation’s home listings have been put up on the World Web Wide. In just a few short months, one million homes or more are now posted on the Internet.In one full year, as many as 4.5 million homes are on the MLS nationwide.The “stampede to the Internet has been overwhelming,” said Gregg Larson, partner, Clareity Consulting, Minneapolis, Minn.Experts predict that 90 percent of all homes for sale will be on the Web by next summer, if not sooner.

Despite real estate’s general reputation for being slow to embrace technology, the listings-on-the-Web phenomenon has pushed it further ahead of many other industries and raises a fistful of questions about how real estate services will be structured and delivered in the future.The theoretical explanation is that adept consumers, breakthroughs in technology and the power of the Web are behind the trend.But a more exacting explanation uncovers several factors including leadership, competition, egos, fate and economics.Technologists were the first to see the opportunity.

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On November 4, 1994, CES Home Buyer Internet Real Estate, Annapolis, Maryland purports to be the first U.S. Company to put a collection of home listings up on the Internet. On that day, 10 homes-for-sale from Annapolis, Maryland were put on the Web.  Property valuation Training is listings were those of Prudential realty agent Becky McGettigan.According to Kevin McLaughlin of CES, the first company globally was Gem, a South African firm that put the first listing up on November 1, 1994.The movement to put the entire MLS up seemed to first catch hold in California where Joel Singer , California Assn. of Realtors, Richard Janssen at InfoTouch, San Diego, Russ Bergeron of the Southern California MLS, and the Northern California division of Coldwell Banker pushed their various organizations to get home listings up on the Web, and fast.

However, Singer, an economist by training, has argued for more than two years that the Realtor role in the real estate transaction could be quickly eroded if leadership on technology is not taken by Realtors, brokers and their trade groups. One of the first to go online was the Orange County MLS, which was trumpeted by local tech and realty expert Bergeron, who serves as Southern California MLS’s general manager. This data now resides on Homeseekers, which was also an early pioneer on the Web and is owned by NDS Software, Minden, Nevada. For NAR, Janssen was arguably the most influential force in getting the sprawling Realtor network to persuade local boards and MLSs to get their listings on the Web. A businessman and entrepreneur, the San Diego technologist has much riding on the success of, where he provides the listing service and search engine for the site.

An anti-NAR attitude and association politics may have also been at play, as a few progressive state associations were competing with NAR to deliver the Web-base home listing service first. At the time, NAR’s Realtor Information Network came on the scene with a certain amount of arrogance and alienated many state associations.”Loathing of NAR often plays a part in local and regional competitive juices running rampant,” said one Midwestern Realtor executive who didn’t want to be identified. Fear may have been the biggest factor as industry leaders worried about the big bad technology firm that was allegedly going to enter the MLS business. So far, no major players have made the move.

However, Other firms and individuals played an important role:

Home advertising publisher Listing Link, Santa Monica, Calif. helped Singer deliver the Internet message by operating the CAR Web site and selling brokers and agents on the wisdom of going onto the Internet. Another private concern that pushed the process was Moore Data’s Cyberhomes Web site, which touts more than 300,000 home listings. As a major MLS vendor, Moore was perfectly poised to lead the charge.

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The Queensland economy continues to perform well, remaining above the Australian average. Population growth remains above 2% per annum, providing a continual boost to the household sector, while the resources and infrastructure boom has benefited heavier industry. Within this environment, the Brisbane industrial market has performed exceptionally well over the past 12 months, with high occupier demand flowing into the market in tandem with further land price growth of 24% and rental growth of 6.6%, with rents remaining under pressure to continue to climb given the underlying cost of land.

The motivations for these moves were varied. Knapp of Coldwell Banker saw the opportunity right away for relocation and for giving his listings greater exposure. More than a year ago, he bragged about leads generated from online services.A horde of local and state associations have followed the lead of these early adopters as the process of offering the MLS on the Web becomes complete in the next several months. Monday in Part II: The legal, political and economic problems that confound the MLS-Web movement.

 Investment demand is high with continued pressure on yields, property valuation solutions while the weight of money seeking industrial investments is high, the limited opportunities have seen investors continue to take on the role of developers and secure their investment from the ground level. Prime investments which do come to the market attract yields in the range of 7.0% – 7.75% with positive rental reversions entering the industrial market for the first time in many years.

Larry Knapp, northern California president of Coldwell Banker, also championed the concept of listings on the Web, when he put his on America Online. Small technology firms such as Bay Net, Palo Alto, Calif., RealNet, Chicago and Real Estate Online, New York put up home listings online. Outside of California, the Florida Assn. of Realtors was quick to jump on the MLS bandwagon.

This represents a further 22 basis point tightening to the median yield over the past 12 months and is indicative of the weight of money seeking industrial investment.

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valuationsRadon, an odor-less, naturally-occurring gas can well up through the floors of a home that isn’t properly protected. It can cause developmental problems in children. Asbestos is a microscopic airborne fiber that, when disturbed, can cause lung cancer, among a host of other diseases. Lead paint and leaded water can cause brain disorders and developmental problems, especially in children.

Usually it is observed that people face problems when they decide to sell their property or want to buy a new property. It happens because the process that is involved is complicated and fully involved in legalized steps. In Melbourne people are lucky to find property valuers from licensed companies and are able to face stress free property valuation process. This property valuation process will assist you to make a right decision about your property that you want to sell it or even make it more usable and effective for selling purpose so that you will get a good price on your property in the market of real estate in Melbourne. This way you will be able make yourself feel tension free by avoiding your would be difficulties by giving full authority to your property valuer to deal with your full property valuation process.

You should make sure that asbestos, if disturbed, is either removed or wrapped to avoid any problems. Walls with lead paint can be repainted with non-toxic paint. Several treatments, including special filters, can remove most of the lead from water. A house (condos and co-ops aren’t usually affected) can be easily and cheaply protected from radon, which disburses when fresh air circulates under the home.

A good example is electro-magnetic wires used by electric companies. Some homeowners claim these high-power electrical wires cause cancer and other related illnesses. But that doesn’t mean the price of homes located beneath these wires hasn’t fallen. Their services for compensation valuations,If you purchase a home beneath these wires, you may actually get a great deal without causing yourself any harm. Some folks, however, won’t want to take the risk. That means there may be fewer buyers when it comes time to sell your home.

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cbj4Finding the best property in Sydney is the most difficult task that one has to search for and because of that sometimes people choose wrong property valuers to deal with their process and in this way they face loss in their property and also in their finance. In Jamaica property valuers are found in abundance and people have to choose a reliable to make his process performed smoothly. The property related matters are always difficult and not easy to perform the process without having knowledge of the process. Real estate agents perform property matters but they are not having much knowledge about the legal and complex steps that comes under property valuation process to perform without making any loss or harm to your property. Choose a valuer from Jamaica and face reliable service regarding property valuation and fee tension free.

Decide which environmental tests and inspections are appropriate for your purchase. Your broker or attorney should be able to provide you with a contract contingency specifying that your purchase depends on the outcome of these inspections.Should any of these inspections reveal an environmental hazard, you’ll be faced with a tough choice: Either accepts the home “as is,” fix the problem, or find another house. the fair market value of the property Comerica Bank’s new Homeowners Solution Loan and Line of Credit is designed for consumers who may not qualify for home equity loans due to the limited equity in their home or their credit history.

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RESCRents continue to have upward pressure with pre-commitment rentals at $10 – $15/m² higher than the levels shown above, meeting little resistance from the market. This is expected to flow through to a further increase in average rents of $5 – $10/m² during the first quarter of 2007.Owner occupiers remain a force in the market, predominantly in the sub $10 million price range. The limited amount of stock available means that companies with a requirement to relocate must consider both properties for sale or for rent to find something which suits their business needs.  buying the property The expectation of continued rental growth is also channelling owner occupier funds into the sector. In the medium term there remains the prospect of a continued pipeline of industrial land through mooted and underway projects in the south, outer south west and the outer north, providing the potential for some relief to the price increases seen in the past three years.

Victoria’s economy continues to grow soli dly despite the effects of the drought, driven by strong population growth and the recovering household sector. In the six months to January 2007, only 27,400 square meters of new office stock was completed, the lowest level of supply since the start of this construction cycle. The next major wave of new supply for the Melbourne CBD is expected in late 2008.Total vacancy rose to 8.0% as at January, from 7.5% in July 2006. Total vacancy is expected to fall to 7.1% by July 2007, reflecting the strong tenant demand for the Melbourne CBD office market.

The sustained high levels of tenant demand have resulted in options available to tenants quickly diminishing, causing rents to grow. Rental growth is expected to gain momentum as new supply is limited in the next 18 months. The  method of valuation Limited opportunities within the Melbourne CBD office market, coupled with enormous weight of money seeking investment grade assets have seen yields remain firm. Currently there is 221,000 square metres of commercial space under construction within the Docklands. On completion the Docklands will comprise more than 750,000 square metres of commercial space, by which time it will make up around 15% of the total stock in the CBD office market.Australia’s economy is showing signs of a recovery, with corporate profits, sales and wages CBD Melbourne. Growing solidly in the final quarter of 2006. Corporate profits grew by 2.5% during the 3.0.

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house plansDespite lower returns for mining companies, suggesting that the economic rebound is broadening beyond the resources boom. Victoria’s economic growth is forecast to pick up in 2007 as a result of the household sector recovering with an increase in dwelling investment. Forecast to rise to 3.7% in 2007, above the 2.7% growth achieved in 2006. expanding by 49,000 persons. As a result of this strong population growth, white collar 0.5 Employment in Melbourne is forecast to continue to grow, increasing marginally by 0.7% in 0.02007, before rising to 2.5% and 2.3% in 2008 and 2009 respectively. property valuer or appraiser White collar employment in the CBD is forecast to grow by 1.4% in 2007 before increasing to 2.0% in 2008 and 2.8% in 2009.

 In this construction cycle (2003-2009), there will be 890,000 sq m of floor space added to the market in 21 buildings. However due to a significant amount of floor space withdrawal in the CBD in the past 15 years, the total stock of the CBD office market has only grown by around 120,000 sq m since 1992

According to the Property Council of Australia, in the six months to January 2007, 27,434 sq m was added to the market, the lowest since the beginning of this construction cycle. Major buildings completed in the six months to January include CH2 (9,300 sq m) at 218-242 Little Collins Street and Port 1010 (15,300 sq m) at 1010 Latrobe Street in the Docklands.

Beyond 2007, a number of large projects are expected to be completed including ANZ’s purpose built headquarters (83,550 sq m) in the Docklands and Australia Post’s new office, SX2 (42,000 sq m) developed by Multiplex at 111 Bourke Street. And the right property valuer.  As pre-committing tenants begin to occupy their newly built buildings, a significant amount of backfill space will become available.  TAC and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Despite this apparent high level of backfill, with the majority of the new accommodation currently under construction with tenant commitments, and white collar employment growth forecast to continue, the backfill space will be highly sought after and further new projects are likely to commence. Several development sites exis t within the CBD that have been mooted for commercial development including 400 William Street, the former Mazda site with a proposal by Drapac for 60,000 sq m.